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Gorillaz Fanfiction

It's the music that you choose

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This is a community for Gorillaz fanfiction. You know, that animated English band? Yeah. Them. Feel free to join, post, or just read and comment.


- BE NICE. No flaming. If you don't like something, then press your back button and get on with your day.
- No petty arguing. If you have a question or something's pissing you off, e-mail me. I'll reply as soon as possible with the best answer I can give you to your question.
- Slash isn't allowed. There's already a community for that. Go there.
- NO original characters. Posting a fanfiction with original characters will result in auto deletion of your entry. Repeat offenders will be slapped with a ban.
- NO "Hello I'm new and my name is Sally and I like Murdoc and bunnies". These are really annoying.
- Put fanfics under a live journal cut. Failure to do so will result in a rather mean e-mail from your mod. (LJ cuts are written as [ lj - cut text = " type what you want here lol " ] except WITHOUT spaces, and replace brackets with a > . Thanks.)
- Please, PLEASE, edit and revise your work. Use proper grammar. USE SPELL CHECK. Use proper spacing. MAKE IT READABLE. NO CHATSPEAK (no 'chatroom' fanfictions either.) Fanfictions MUST be in English. If you have a sentence where a character says something in another language, you MUST provide a translation at the end (or beginning) of your fan fiction.

Otherwise, have fun.